The BIG Parish Questionnaire will be through your door this week!

Over the next few days you should receive a copy or two of the NDP Questionnaire through your door. We hope to have one Questionnaire completed by everyone in the Parish of age 18 or over.

Please note that the Questionnaire can be completed as delivered or accessed on-line by clicking on this link  Sutton Benger online NDP Survey . If you are able to complete on-line then please do that.

Your participation within the NDP is vital to the future of our Parish, please take the time necessary to complete the Questionnaire as carefully as you are able to and, if completing the paper copy, deliver it to the Sutton Benger Post Office as soon as you are able to but not later than the 5th September 2016. There will be a box within the Post Office for completed Questionnaires.

If you need any help, or have any questions, then please contact Baz Worth (01249) 721133 or Paul Chartier (01249) 721499.

Baz Worth
NDP Core Team
17 July 2016